Critical Acclaim

Molly Stranahan, PhD,

Co-Director, Summer Institute

DramaWorks showed deep understanding of the issues facing family members an family office staff, allowing for laughter, self-recognition, and the freedom to explore our beliefs and our relationships in a safe environment. In their deeper work with small groups, several people had transformative experiences. On our evaluation forms, a frequent answer to ‘what works best?’ was DramaWorks.

Taboo subjects managed to get discussed with relief, dignity and openness, rather than the denial and rejection that is somehow inwardly expected.

I saw sides of members in my family which I have never seen before. Emotions were exposed that weekend that touched everyone’s hearts. I think that we are closer as a family now. I felt very comfortable with the people who participated, and I felt that I fit right in.

DramaWorks provides a mirror of the emotional and physical experience of being in an organization. It spotlights what works and what doesn’t work so that a transformation in perception happens. From these insights new freedom, new creativity and new productivity naturally emerges.

The most exciting and stimulating program we ever hosted at the Kogod School of Business. The use of interactive drama to portray issues deep in the hearts and minds of the families in the audience created a very effective but non-threatening learning environment.

All of us were amazed at how much conversation and open dialogue come about at this meeting. The feedback we received this year was tremendous, and we owe a big portion to DramaWorks.

Diane Van der Grinten

Family business member

Sara Bishop

Family business member

Martin Rutte

Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

Nina Paul, Executive Director

Family Business Forum, American University

Andrea Szigethy, Vice President & Family Office Forum Program Director

NMS Management, Inc.