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DramaWorks showed deep understanding of the issues facing family members an family office staff, allowing for laughter, self-recognition, and the freedom to explore our beliefs and our relationships in a safe environment. In their deeper work with small groups, several people had transformative experiences. On our evaluation forms, a frequent answer to ‘what works best?’ was DramaWorks.

- Molly Stranahan, PhD

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What's Your Story?

As consultants, we diagnose through theatre bypassing excessive analysis and creating a more efficient focus on change. DramaWorks stages reflections of your current reality, then engages participants to develop and practice those behaviors necessary for change. Practical solutions naturally emerge as you harvest the collective capital of the organization. These interactive techniques are ideal for training in leadership development consultative sales, values implementation, the offering and receiving of feedback and team building.

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Working with an Individual

Emotional Resilience Offerings

DramaWorks will design an interactive event that meets the unique needs of each client and bring to life one or more key themes of a conference. They can range from 2 hours to a full day or more.


The event starts with a short play or scenario in which most conference participants can see themselves as one of the characters on the stage. The scenario ends at a critical moment and the audience is enlisted to create a more optimal ending. It is theatre after all.


Theatre allows participants to see and feel the beliefs and emotions that drive human behavior. Conference participants have the scenario and happens after that to refer to throughout the conference. DramaWorks has been referred to as a “living spreadsheet of organizational possibilities.”

We know we are great on stage, and even so, because the world is our stage… we are just as good one-on-one.

We know we are great on stage, and even so, because the world is our stage… we are just as good one-on-one.

Over the course of 15 years working with individuals, families and organizations, DramaWorks has found that the most important attribute or behavior that individuals, families, and groups can learn is emotional resilience. Intimately related to emotional resilience are the Eight Forms of Capital. We are all familiar with financial and material capital, and yet without the other forms of capital (Spiritual, Temporal, Social, Intellectual, Practical & Living) vast quantities of financial and material capital are…empty.


Emotional resilience is something that can bee learned and practiced. DramaWorks has developed and is in the process of developing a wide range of offerings to address this essential human attribute:


  • Half-day to Full-day “interactive event” workshops with DramaWorks on the key components of emotional resilience / 8 Forms of Capital for individuals, families or workgroups.

  • Retreats/Workshops in the mountains of Southern Vermont in which participants have the opportunity to practice skill development in emotional resilience with nature immersion.

  • Individual Coaching by phone or in person with Erik Muten, Executive Director of DramaWorks and Psychologist.