Why DramaWorks?

Taboo subjects managed to get discussed with relief, dignity and openness, rather than the denial and rejection that is somehow inwardly expected.
- Diane Van der Grinten
Family business member


All of us were amazed at how much conversation and open dialogue come about at this meeting. The feedback we received this year was tremendous, and we owe a big portion to DramaWorks.
- Andrea Szigethy, Vice President and Family Office Forum Program Director NMS Management Inc. 

Theatre allows the systemic issues to be brought into the room. Most people laugh. Some cry. All are transformed when what is in shadow is brought int the light. Once people can see, hear and feel the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that otherwise remain concealed, their own behavior begins to change. They see themselves and others from a new perspective. They see the possibility of new patterns of relating based on open communication, deeper understanding and clearer decision-making.


We are all responsible for the story of our lives We can play a victim role by letting others write our scripts, unconsciously playing out old patterns. Or… we can write a new script based on the navigation of current reality. Families that can adjust their personal stories to reality, share a vision for the future, and embrace changing and negotiated roles become resilient and fulfilling. 

As the organization or family adapts, grows and creates new forms of wealth, it promotes autonomy, collaboration, sustainability, compassion and justice.