Working With Families & Family Offices

The mixture of family, business and wealth generates a unique set of rewards and challenges for professionals and family members alike. We work independently or with your current advisors to understand and transform the overlay of legacy , emotion, and values that accompany a family’s business.



What is the ‘elephant in the room'?


The ‘elephant in the room’ is the accumulation of unconscious attitudes and unspoken power dynamics that historically derail the efforts of organizations and families and their advisors to:

  • Build a clear vision and mission for the family

  • Create a participative culture and health governance structures

  • Discuss and align core values

  • Develop strategic plans with buy and accountability

  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

  • Catalyze resilience in the business, the family, and individuals



Working with a Family Office


We work closely with the executive team, family and, at times, an outside consultant. We maximize our effectiveness by performing confidential assessments, surveys and interviews to design a scenario Through this scenario we safely dramatize conscious as well as unseen….issues, mindsets, beliefs, values, interpersonal dynamics, and behaviors. We offer interactive opportunities to help you identify the core challenges that keep you from your desired outcome.


Whether the DramaWorks InterActive event takes place at your business, family home, or as a retreat, workshop, or a strategic planning meeting, it serves as a place for participants to visualize new behaviors and experience the potential for new outcomes without real time / real world consequences.



Working with Families


We work with individuals and whole families in a wide variety of settings from workshops to extended retreats. Our process when we work with your family is similar to the way we work with your family office. However, when working with a specific family we can facilitate a deeper exploration of unseen issues and family behavior and how it ties into your particular family history. When families are willing to change, bringing DramaWorks in has allowed for some dramatic shifts, allowing families to move forward in positive new ways toward a more optimal future.


Emotional Resilience Offerings


Over the course of 15 years working with families of with, DramaWorks has found that the most important attribute or behavior that individuals, families, and groups can learn is emotional resilience. Intimately related to emotional resilience are the Eight Forms of Capital. We are all familiar with financial and material capital, and yet without the other forms of capital (Spiritual, Temporal, Social, Intellectual, Practical & Living) vast quantities of financial and material capital are…empty.


Themes for families, family businesses and offices and family advisors include:

  • Succession

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Family Legacy

  • Trustee/Beneficiary Relationship

  • Trusts and Trust

  • 9 Forms of Capital

  • Power and Status Issues Between Family and Non-Family

  • Differential Wealth & Relationship Issues

  • Love, Power & Money (the confusion)

  • Values and Generational Differences

Just Desserts…

Previous clients have asked us to address various topics. We delighted them with the following Scenarios



  • Truth-telling

  • Status issues between family and non-family members

  • Accountability

  • Influencing up in an organization

  • Patriarchy



  • Transferring values from one generation to the next

  • Transferring wealth one generation to the next

  • Gender and Power

  • Educating children about fiscal responsibility

  • Multi-generational planning and trusts



  • Clear roles and responsibilities

  • Relationships between family members and family advisors

  • Legacy 

  • Trusts and Trust

  • Matriarchy



  • Differing opinions about family philanthropy

  • Integrating children into the family foundation

  • Alternative investments

  • Sibling rivalry



  • Estate planning

  • The price of love

  • Legacy 

  • Differential wealth

  • Differential power



  • Mentoring

  • Sexism

  • Eight forms of capital

  • Fear of wealth

  • Trustees

DramaWorks showed deep understanding of the issues facing family members an family office staff, allowing for laughter, self-recognition, and the freedom to explore our beliefs and our relationships in a safe environment. In their deeper work with small groups, several people had transformative experiences. On our evaluation forms, a frequent answer to ‘what works best?’ was DramaWorks.

- Molly Stranahan, PhD

Summer Institute